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7 Reasons You Need Your Master's in Architecture

SoAD -- Tue, 07/05/2016 - 9:50am

Why would you need a master's in architecture? Here are some of the biggest ones.

1. You want to become a licensed architect

Having an accredited degree in architecture is one of the pillars of becoming a licensed architect. If you earned a four-year degree in architectural studies, a field related to architecture, or a field unrelated to architecture, you’ll have to earn your master’s in architecture to become licensed and become a practicing architect. The five-year accredited Bachelor of Architecture and the Master of Architecture are the only two degrees recognized by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), the organization that is responsible for granting licensure. In some cases, you can substitute extensive work experience for the Master of Architecture degree when you’re going through the licensure process, but that can require six to ten years of working at a firm or registered organization.

2. You want a salary increase

It’s no secret that having an advanced degree increases your earning capacity, and that holds true for architects, too. For architecture grads with one-to-four years of experience, the national median salary for architects with a Bachelor of Architecture degree is just over $45,000--but the national median salary for architects with a Master of Architecture degree is $56,380.

3. You want to teach

Because architecture students need to learn from other professionals, a Master of Architecture degree, combined with experience at an architecture firm, you’ll need the degree to be considered for any teaching position at the university level.

4. You want to be constantly evolving

Stagnation is not an option after earning your master’s in architecture. With a master’s of architecture degree, you’ll be better prepared to take on a wider range of projects--or you can choose to focus on something more specific, like place-based architecture projects. Your Master of Architecture degree will set you up for a lifetime of on-the-job learning.

5. You know that good design makes people's lives better

Architects make a difference, whether people notice it or not. With your master’s in architecture, you’ll gain a true understanding of how thoughtful and intentional design improves our everyday lives. As a Master of Architecture student, you’ll be in a challenging, rigorous, and collaborative environment, giving you the experiences you want and need to prepare you for your work as an architect.

6. You're passionate about designing meaningful spaces

Architecture is as much about how buildings are assembled as it is about the environment in which buildings exist. These spaces can range from a single room to an entire community, and you’ll get experience working with both in our Master of Architecture program. You will learn how to design meaningful spaces and to help your community though your passion for design.

7. You can be your own boss

Many architects go on to own their own architectural firms, where they have the freedom to design what they love and build significant and complex structures that can resonate with a community. A master’s in architecture is essential to reaching such a level of professional and creative freedom. Owning an architectural firm will also increase your earning potential beyond simply working for someone else.

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