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Our programs focus on creating spaces and objects with an emphasis on sustainability, beauty, and efficiency. As a student here, you have the opportunity to create solutions to problems right here in our community, from design-build projects that emphasize affordable sustainability to renovating interior spaces right here on campus. And our industrial design students and graduates gain national recognition for their creations, from engagement rings to fruit bowls.

We offer undergraduate degrees in architectural studies, interior design, industrial design — the only one in Louisiana. Our Master of Architecture degree has three available tracks, so you can earn your graduate degree regardless of your undergraduate studies. We also offer minors in each of our three undergraduate programs.

Architectural Studies

This pre-professional bachelor's degree prepares you to enter career fields related to architecture and to pursue the professional Master of Architecture degree. This degree is designed so you develop a foundation in design and professional development. We are proud that our programs are a deliberate set of experiences aimed at helping you develop intelligent and ethical design methods through the exploration of the four architectural environments: physical, social-cultural, technological, and professional. Learn more about the undergraduate degree in architectural studies.

Interior Design

In the School of Architecture and Design's interior design program, you'll learn how to create design concepts that are aesthetic, appropriate, and functional, all while collaborating with other professionals to determine mechanical, electrical, and load-bearing needs along with adhering to codes and standards. Interior design is so much more than decorating — strong interior design improves the quality of life, increases productivity, and protects the health, safety, and welfare of people who inhabit it, all through the use of space and materials. Learn more about the undergraduate degree in interior design.

Industrial Design

UL Lafayette offers the only professional degree-granting industrial design program in the state. It's a unique field where you can create products that cater to human characteristics, requirements, and interests, while adhering to design and aesthetic restrictions. It is a very hands-on learning environment, and you have the opportunity to create the items that people use in their everyday lives. Learn more about the undergraduate degree in industrial design.

Master of Architecture

There are three options for you to attain your Master of Architecture degree. The first is if you hold your five-year NAAB-accredited undergraduate degree in architecture; the second is if you hold a four-year pre-professional degree in architectural studies; and the third is if you have an accredited four-year undergraduate degree in a field other than architecture. Learn more about the graduate degree in architecture.