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A Design Build Project for 2nd Year Architecture Students

“I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one.”

– Luis Barragán

For the past two months, second year Architectural Studio has been investigating Louisiana agriculture; specifically sugarcane. Through this project our students have developed a rich understanding from translating research into tectonic making and creating experiential space through building. In this project the class was divided up into teams of 5, each team being responsible for building their 5'x5' “pod” using 2x4 and 1x3 untreated wood members. There were very few initial ground rules: they were not to anchor directly into the landscape and they had to stay within their 5'x5' square.

The discussions began from the ground up as the students considered how their pods responded to the ground, followed by the pod transitions from one to the next, to the questions of “what defines space” as they began adding in vertical members, and finally to the conclusion of how their designs meet the sky.

The challenges and lessons they have learned through this process of building has been invaluable for their future as designers. To say the least, they have learned how to use their peers to their strengths and understand the value in dynamic collaborative teamwork.

Final reviews for this project will take place next Friday, April 22nd.


2nd Year Design Build