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Building Institute's Tiny House to be Featured on HGTV Show

The fifteenth Building Institute project, the MODESTEhouse is now under construction behind Fletcher Hall in the small court area near East Lewis Street. After contributions of $15,000 from Lafayette Habitat for Humanity, $1000 from the Acadian Home Builder's Association, and $1,000 Lafayette Construction Specifications Institute were received, students purchased an 8'x20' trailer and are now prefabricating experimental curved stressed-skin panels and an innovative 3D plywood grid-wall with a CNC router, formwork, lots of glue! The north gridwall will be clad in 1" polycarbonate glazing filled with insulating areogel which was developed by NASA. We thank Amerilux for donating the polycarbonate at a highly discounted price. Students and faculty director Professor Gjertson will be holding a video-conference on March 29th with a casting director from the HGTV show TINY HOUSE, BIG LIVING to discuss a possible series of TV shows on the MODESTEhouse. Stay Tuned!