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First-Year Students Showcase Fun and Surprising Fashions

The Annual First-Year Fashion Show has been a yearly tradition at the UL School of Architecture and Design for the last 13 years.

It showcases a parade of fashion pieces and mask projects crafted by first year students in their first and second semesters of their design studies.

More than 60 students chose a song from 10 sets of 5 songs that revolutionized popular music; these songs served at the inspiration for dresses, vests, robes, and other clothing items.

The fashion pieces are created using unconventional methods and materials, e.g. using clamps, melting materials together, etc.

The students are encouraged to use these unexpected materials to show that beauty can be created by anything, including plastic drink lids, rope, CDs, chopsticks, and six pack plastic rings.

The show produced multiple memorable moments and many fan favorites, such as the unfolding dress and the liquid tube outfit.

Overall, this was a successful exhibition that made all participants, student, friends, teacher, and parents, proud and happy.

The UL School of Architecture and Design would like to thank the Acadiana Center for the Arts for hosting the show and The Acadiana Advocate and photographer Leslie Westbrook taking these incredible pictures of the event. 

Photo credit: The Acadiana Advocate and photographer Leslie Westbrook for the photographs.