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"The Mentors" Interview Series Released

A new YouTube channel run by UL Lafayette Industrial Design Students has launched a new interview series called "The Mentors."

Design Lafayette, the social media platform for the Industrial Design program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, is creating a series of video interviews with designers, artists, influencers, and anyone else that might provide helpful insights to both design students and their fellow designers. “The Mentors” started from a desire to better prepare designers for their professions and as a means of developing and fostering relationships with and in the design community. It is hoped that these relationships will be both local and national in their scope. Each of these short videos will cover a different topic based upon the unique skills and insights of each mentor.

The first three videos are out now! Check them out at the links below.

Joel Breaux

"My interest has always been fabrication as a language, to communicate your idea."

Joel Breaux talks to Design Lafayette about his experience in the fields of public art, architecture, environmental graphics, and furniture design. Watch the interview to learn about how he built his career path and gain insight into the life of a designer.


Mac Cormier

"Learning how to accept a critique is fundemental to make it into the industry."

Mac Cormier, digital product designer at Square, Inc., shares his design story, experience and advice with Design Lafayette.


Madeline Ellis

"There's room for making things that have a job, and their job is to have a bigger conversation."

Madeline Ellis of Mimosa Handcrafted shares her experiences as a business owner and designer of handmade jewelry. Learn about her design process and how she built her business.


Stay on the lookout for upcoming interviews with architect Paula Peer, photographer Leo Touchet, and architect Lisa Bourque.


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