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Blown Away - Airflow Modulation Project by Industrial Design

"Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. How can you make that exciting? That's the real question."

Facing the issue of uneven airflow and temperature distribution in Fletcher Hall, a team of industrial design and architecture students sought to design a solution to make students more comfortable in their studio space.

The student team, led by industrial design professors Adam Feld and Thomas Cline and architecture professor Liane Hancock, began this project by by measuring tempurature and airflow in the space using anemometers and grids of blue and red yarn.

Once this data was collected, students used digital modeling software to come up with ideas for how to diffuse the air. They worked with a mechanical engineering undergratuate student to visualize their collected data, using a 3D model of the fluid dynamics of the air flow to test how their digital designs would work in reality.

The final design was an innovative and poetic system of spouts, utilizing 3D fluid dynamic analysis and creative fabrication using PVC, mylar, and plastic.

The diffuser now hangs proudly from the ceiling, enhancing the space functionally as well as visually.

Watch their process of designing and fabricating the diffuser in this video: