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Spring 2020 Design Scholarship and Design Award Winners

Congratulations to all the 2020-2021 School of Architecture and Design Scholarship and Design Award recipients! Today we announce the awarding of over $30,000 in Scholarships. Furthermore, top performing students in each of our three programs are recognized today in one of three award categories – Design Excellence, Design Merit, and Commendable Progress. Individual Programs have further designated special awards in recognition of distinguished excellence, some awarded by faculty others by eminent critics.

We invite you to checkout the SoAD Virtual Design Festival – a platform to celebrate and exhibit senior work in each of the Architecture, Industrial and Interior Design senior studios. Be sure to leave a congratulatory message for graduating seniors on the site’s digital guestbook.

Congratulations once again to all the School’s award recipients and to our graduating seniors. We are thrilled to celebrate all that students have accomplished this term.

-- Kari Smith, Director, School of Architecture and Design

View the SoAD Virtual Design Festival Here!


Abdalla Family Endowed Scholarship – Danielle Kemp

AIA South Louisiana Endowed Scholarship – David Allen

AIA South Louisiana Endowed Scholarship – Brittney Freeman

Clay R. Breaux Endowed Scholarship - Emile Dubois

Collins C. Diboll Endowed Scholarship - Adam Ortego

Fluidity Endowed Prize for Architectural Travel – Adam Ortego

Herbert Heymann Endowed Scholarship – Morgan Barras

Jim Marks Memorial Endowed Scholarship – Chandler Burns

Meleton Endowed Scholarship in Architecture and Design – Glenn Lancon

Michael & Jovette Mosing/BORSF 1st Gen Scholarship Interior Design – Jacie Lopez

PDR Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Architecture – Ethan Domingue

C. Gayle Zembower Endowed Architectural Scholarship – Elizabeth Martinez


First Year Design

DSGN 102/104

Faculty: Sarah Young, Brian Powell, Andrew Sammataro, Annika Miller, Clifford Couvillon

Design Excellence:
Chandler Burns
Hunter Darby
Kaemen LaFleur
Samuel Pierce
Hadley Swier
Clay Tucker
Christian Willis
Design Merit:
Lindsey Authement
Kaylyn Duong
Jason Funderburgh
Gabrielle LeBlanc
Connor Mayer
Vincent Nguyen
Lexi Palumbo
Hailie Rivers
Salomon Rodriguez
Commendable Progress:
Brennan Broussard
Julien Conover
Alex Lanclos
Aidan Lecompte
Trent Scallan
Elexia Sellars
Chien Vo


DSGN 101

Faculty: Sarah Young, Andrew Sammataro

Design Excellence:
James Sansone

Design Merit:
Geoffrey Angelle
Emily Hidalgo
Angelle Homes
Emily Huhner
Tina Truong

Commendable Progress:
Abby Brannon


Industrial Design

Fourth Year Industrial Design

Faculty: Thomas Cline

Design Excellence:
Tyenne Fulton-Crosson
Michael Goehler
Hannah Landry
Armand De Laureal
Design Merit:
Samantha Bishop
Rebecca Hill
Commendable Progress:
Steven Van Zandt
Scott Maloney


Third Year Industrial Design

Faculty: Adam Feld

Design Excellence:
Payton Gaspard
Design Merit:
Thomas Reed Holly
Emile Dubois
Danielle Kemp
Mary Grace Burks
Commendable Progress:
Ana'Jah Johnson

Second Year Industrial Design

Faculty: Annika Miller

Design Excellence:
Siena Rozzelle
Clare Kavanagh
Design Merit:
Charlotte Rome
Grant Clark
Gabriel Mengarelli
Commendable Progress:
Elizabeth Squires


Interior Design

INDS 402 - Interior Design VI

Faculty: Brian Powell

Faculty Award:
Caroline Ferrell
Design Excellence:
Ashley Barousse


INDS 302 - Interior Design IV

Faculty: Nadya Kozinets

Design Excellence:
Amanda Beverly
Bryant Brown
Design Merit:
Brianne Lamastus
Chyna Chauvin
Lauren Fricke
Commendable Progress:
Lauren Choate
Nicole Breaux


INDS 202 - Interior Design II

Faculty: William Riehm, Collette Cosminski

Design Excellence:
Morgan Barras
Brailyn Richard
John Lyons
Design Merit:
Jacob Gerard
Leah Leonard
Commendable Progress:
Brianna Monson
Callie Pate
Ashley O'Bryan



ARCH 410 - Architectural Design VI

Faculty: Ashlie Latiolais

Faculty Award (1st place)
Taisiia Kolisnyk
Alumni Award (2nd place)
Brittney Freeman
CAZ ($50 each + environmental focus)
Samantha Spoon
Arzavia Dobard
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) (construction focus)
Matt Romano
Scott Dufreche

ARCH 302 - Architectural Design IV - 3rd Year Competition

Faculty: Geoff Gjertson, Thomas Sammons

Prof. Hector Lasala
Amanda Rivera, AIA
Pierre Theriot, AIA
Kelley Courville, AIA
Carly Viator, Market Coordinator, Festival International
First Place ($500)
Alicia Coto, A Day in The Life
Second Place ($300)
R. Cameron Coatney, Bene La Luce
Third Place ($200)
Stephen Corcoran, Urban Canopy
Honorable Mention
Adam Ortego, On Exhibit
Zackery Trahan, Engaging with Urban Space
Autumn Jones, Cultural Coop.
Design Awards Selected by Faculty (Tom Sammons, Geoff Gjertson)
Design Excellence:
R. Cameron Coatney
Stephen Corcoran
Alicia Coto
Autumn Jones
Adam Ortego
Catherine Reaux
Noah Verret
Design Merit:
Kirsten Cases 
Lauren Domangue
Ananise Hulin
Lashayla Lumpkins
Marie Lou Moulanier
David Nelson
Zackery Trahan
Parker Vice
Commendable Progress:
Maggie Adams
Joshua Frederick
Khristofer Luviano
Wynois Martin
Trey Miller
Brock Sampite


ARCH 202 - Architectural Design II

Faculty: Dan Burkett, Liane Hancock, Sami Jaber
Design Excellence:
Gage Arsement
Zachary Broussard
Elyse Domingue
Mandi Newman
Justin Peltier
Cassidy Robin
Gracie Walker
Design Merit:
Eve Couvillion
Brice Gutshall
Abigail Martory
Nicole Morel
Phoebe Roussel
Austin Simpson
Commendable Progress:
Avery Davidson
Corinne Dorsett


Graduate Architecture

ARCH 502 - Advanced Architectural Design II

Faculty: Corey Saft & Kari Smith

Design Excellence:
David Allen
Kevin Levy

Design Merit:
Abby Pitre
Cole Sheehan
Ian Naquin