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Timothy Karoleff, Industrial Design Students Present at National Conferences

Timothy Karoleff On Stage at Carnegie Mellon Univ.

Jackie Joseph Paul McFarland (L) and Timothy Karoleff (R) giving a presentation at Carnegie Mellon University

In March, Visiting Assistant Professor of Industrial Design Timothy Karoleff presented his research, "Interstitial Interlopers: Doing The Work," alongside his creative partner, Jackie Joseph Paul McFarland, at Carnegie Mellon University. This was part of the Spring 2022 Public Program Lecture Series, World Making, hosted by the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture.

In early March, under Karoleff's independent mentorship, two of his 2nd-year Industrial Design students (Aidan Oddlokken & Avery Miller) presented their research, "Designing for Identity: Rejecting Homogeneity in the Global Theatre," at Drexel University as part of first annual Undergraduate Symposium in Material Culture Studies.

Industrial Design students Aidan Oddlokken & Avery Miller (in tiny box upper right) giving online presentation at Drexel University