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4-Year Plan

The architectural studies curriculum focuses initially on design concepts and then builds into architecture-specific design principles alongside the history of architecture and civil engineering. Because we believe you need a professional, technical, and liberal arts education to succeed as an architect, you'll learn about economics, physics, English, biology, and a variety of other subjects. We've mapped out your four years here as an architectural studies major. Follow this plan, and you'll be on track to graduate on time.

Though the curriculum many change slightly from year to year, you will always follow the curriculum that was issued in the year you entered the School of Architecture and Design.

Please be sure to select the curriculum which corresponds to the year you started your Architectural Studies degree.

2017-2018 Architectural Studies Curriculum
2017-2018 Architectural Studies Curriculum
2016-2017 Architectural Studies Curriculum
2015-2016 Architectural Studies Curriculum
2013-2015 Architectural Studies Curriculum
2013-2011 Architectural Studies Curriculum

Curriculums from earlier years can be found in the Academic Catalog Archive.