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4-Year Plan

The industrial design courses teach you both physical and graphic model-making, along with how to prototype and develop your potential products. We focus on sustainable design, as well as the different types of materials and processes used in industrial design. To top off your undergraduate education, you'll develop an entire portfolio and complete a senior project, so you are equipped with the experience needed to break into the industrial design field. There are also opportunities to take other School of Architecture and Design courses, plus general education courses in the liberal arts, sciences, and more.

Though the curriculum many change slightly from year to year, you will always follow the curriculum that was issued in the year you entered the School of Architecture and Design.Please be sure to select the curriculum which corresponds to the year you started your Industrial Design degree.

2019-2020 Industrial Design Curriculum
2018-2019 Industrial Design Curriculum
2017-2018 Industrial Design Curriculum
2016-2017 Industrial Design Curriculum
2015-2016 Industrial Design Curriculum
2013-2015 Industrial Design Curriculum
2013-2011 Industrial Design Curriculum


Curriculums from earlier years can be found in the Academic Catalog Archive.