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4-Year Plan

Our Program Mission and Goals:

In recognition of the unique abilities and interests of each student, our program offers a distinctive educational experience that balances creativity with the pragmatic demands of professional design preparation. We are committed to student-centered, studio-based design education that prepares students to make significant contributions to the design professions in a global context as part of a commitment to human-centered design. Our program goals are:

1. To provide exceptional teaching and mentoring to each of our students
2. To prepare students to enter interior design practice in a global environment
3. To teach environmental awareness as an integral part of a sustainable design practice
4. To prepare our graduates to work collaboratively with other design professionals in a socially and ethically responsible manner

About the Program

The Interior Design Program in the School of Architecture and Design provides students with the knowledge necessary to develop design concepts that are appropriate, both aesthetically and functionally, for the creation of human-centered interior environments. The interior design curriculum covers interior design-specific courses as well as courses in architecture, visual arts, and design communication, to name a few. Our students also regularly compete in design competitions sponsored by a variety of national and international organizations.

Because design is inherently interdisciplinary, you have opportunities to take School of Architecture and Design electives, along with liberal arts courses, economics, math, and the University's first-year experience courses. As an interior design major, you follow the curriculum path outlined on the Interior Design Curriculum sheets linked below. Though the curriculum may change somewhat from year to year, as a student majoring in interior design you will always follow the curriculum issued in the year you enter the School of Architecture and Design. Be sure to select the curriculum that corresponds to the year you start your Interior Design degree.

20122-2023 Interior Design Curriculum
2021-2022 Interior Design Curriculum
2020-2021 Interior Design Curriculum
2019-2020 Interior Design Curriculum
2018-2019 Interior Design Curriculum
2017-2018 Interior Design Curriculum
2016-2017 Interior Design Curriculum
2015-2016 Interior Design Curriculum
2013-2015 Interior Design Curriculum
2013-2011 Interior Design Curriculum

Curriculum plans from earlier years can be found in the Academic Catalog Archive.